Note: The first half of the subject this semester was the second half of the subject last semester. Thus, this sem's lecture 1 is lecture 7 in the notes. Please refer to the preview pages.

It's the most recent up-to-date comprehensive notes for ACCT30001 FAT after the curriculum reform 2016 Sem 1.

For FAT, you can certainly prepare for both practical and theoretical questions very well before the final exam which in turn would save you a lot of time for the harder questions during the exam.

I went through all the ACCT30001 lecture notes, tutorial questions as well as lecture recordings together with some relevant readings and consultations in a great depth and sorted out this comprehensive (the whole semester) but very compressed (only 50 pages) notes.

I relied heavily on this notes for revision, especially the second half of the course. I got 90 for FAT Sem1 2016. I wish you can also achieve your ideal results for this subject ^_^


Semester 1, 2016

50 pages

19,484 words



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