Module 1: Introduction and general reflection on key terms such as crime/criminology/criminal justice system
Module 2: Defining and measuring crime
Study Module 3: Explaining Crime: Criminological theories and psychological explanations
Module 4: Explaining Crime: Social explanations and Interactionist explanations
Module 5: Crime and the media
Module 6: White collar crime and cyber crime
Module 7: Violent crimes and street crime
Attention: No on-campus lecture due to public holiday
Module 8: Crimes against morality
Module 9: Responses to crime: Policing and its challenges
Module 10: Responses to crime: The Criminal Courts
Module 11: Responses to Crime: Corrections
Module 12: Responses to Crime: Victims and Restorative Justice


Semester 1, 2016

47 pages

15,569 words



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