These notes helped me get a HD for the PSYC2011 exam, so I hope they'll help you too :)

Includes definitions for each topic, easy to understand explanations, organised sub-topics and tables, and pictures to help you visualize the content!

Contains notes for the PSYC2011 lecture content (slides and what the lecturers said) for;
Auditory Perception
Brain and Learning
Brain and Behaviour
Our Animal Brain

**EDIT: please note that the page numbers on the content page are off by one because I added the content page later and forgot that this makes the page numbers increase by 1. I can't re-upload the file to make it right again either, sorry!!! So for example, instead of 11, please enter 12 to find the visual perception notes.


Semester 1, 2015

132 pages

41,405 words



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