Notes were created based on various concepts explored in past quizzes, papers, assignments, lecture notes, tutorials, own research, course notes, and comments made from the lecturer.

Hence, it is a good summary that will allow you to be prepared for the unit.

I have also provided page references to allow you to explore these concepts in more depth using the 2015 Course Notes.

Also provided within the MATH3068 notes are many examples to help you with your understanding.

Note that the preview presents a page from the notes to give you an idea on what you can expect.

Advice: Use these MATH3068 notes along with the course notes and lecture notes and you will be well prepared for the unit.

I also tutor this unit on studentvip, so feel free to leave a message if you are struggling or if you need more examples (my detailed worked examples were handwritten and so it is hard to upload since this website only accepts PDF files).

Cheers :)


Semester 2, 2015

4 pages

1,500 words



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