Concise and meticulous MLL325 Land Law Exam Notes (Deakin University), using both the textbook, lectures and other resources. 61 Pages.

Topics include:
Introduction to Land Law- Topic 1,
Co-Ownership- Topic 2,
Severing Joint Tenancy- Topic 3,
Priorities in General Law- Topic 4,
Torrens System History and Background- Topic 5,
Indefeasibility- Topic 6,
Statutory Exceptions to Indefeasibility- Topic 7,
Non-Statutory Exceptions to Indefeasibility- Topic 8,
Disputes involving Unregistered Interests- Topic 9,
Paramount Interests- Topic 10,
Assurance Fund- Topic 11.


Semester 2, 2015

61 pages

22,014 words



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