I worked through the lecture objectives for each BMS2042 lecture and made sample questions myself as well as incorporated the sample questions provided to make a comprehensive bank of potential exam questions. I've also spoken to lecturers about what they expect and the types of question which are likely to appear in exams.

Having gone through the BMS2042 exam myself, I can honestly say many of these questions did appear however sometimes worded in different ways or requiring you to show similar knowledge in a different way. For example, sometimes where I have had a question to "describe this process", the exam asked to "Draw this process".

Attained High Distinctions in all my subjects (GPA: 4.0). Also offered a Postgraduate place in MBBS for 2017. I’m also available to provide tutoring. (Contact me via StudentVIP Tutors "Zainab").


Semester 2, 2015

30 pages

4,440 words



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