Very detailed & in-depth notes of LST2BSL: Introduction to Business Law.

These very detailed & in-depth notes for LST2BSL have been organised by topic and also by sub-topic and include everything covered in the subject. The notes include a table of contents for easy reference which also includes all sub-topics. The notes also include a case index, sorted by topic as well as the relevant ACL provisions required for the exam.

As well as the case index, each topic has a case underneath it throughout the notes to save time in the exam.

Also every topic, sub-topic & case in the notes has a page reference for the textbook for quick reference, these page numbers are in the table of contents and in the case index as well as throughout the notes.

These notes were EXTREMELY helpful in the final exam and I received 54/60 on this exam which brought my overall mark to 80.

I would recommend separating these notes with tabs and having them bound for the exam.


Semester 2, 2015

83 pages

37,513 words



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