hese are my fully comprehensive detailed notes for MLL218 / MLP218 (Revised for 2024). This is all I used for the exam. I have spent countless hours compiling these notes. My mark was 93 HD for the subject. I scored 100% in the exam using only these notes. These notes are comprehensive and integrate everything learnt in the subject, including the prescribed readings from the textbook, lecture notes, tutorial answers, case summaries, etc. These notes also include exam templates and summary flow charts (including a full summary exam template section which can be used in the exam alone) which is shown at the end of the sample of the notes. These notes cover the following topics: - Search of a Person and their Possessions - Forensic Procedure > Non-Voluntary Forensic Procedure > DNA Samples > Fingerprinting - Police Questioning > Silence and Privilege Against Self-Incrimination > Questioning in Police Custody > Admissions - Identification Evidence > Visual Identification Evidence > Picture Identification Evidence - Commencement of Criminal Proceedings > Arrest > Commencing Trial - Committal Procedure for Indictable Offenses - Jury Selection Hope these comprehensive notes help you smash Criminal Procedure!


Trimester 3, 2023

166 pages

65,789 words



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