I used these notes to achieve a final mark of 83 in LLB2270, which is consistently regarded as the most challenging UOW law subject. These notes cover every topic assessable for the exam, and are separated by topic, including content and case summaries in an easy to understand format. These notes make a very challenging subject easily understandable through clear explanations. Case or legislative authorities are given for each point made. Topics covered include: • Co-ownership, including Joint Tenancies and Tenancies in Common • The Law of Assignment (assignment of legal and equitable interests) • The Law of Express Trusts • Trusts under Wills • Charitable Trusts • Rights, powers and duties of trustees • Rights of beneficiaries • Remedies for breach of trust, including accounts of profits • Constructive trusts


Semester 2, 2023

71 pages

30,000 words


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