I used these notes to achieve a Distinction in LLB 1170. These notes are extremely detailed, with case and legislative citations where appropriate. They are presented in a logical and easy to comprehend format. They provide a step by step list of the elements required to be discussed in an exam. Topics included are: 1. Identifying Express Terms + Admissibility of Pre-Contractual Statements (parol evidence rule, exceptions) 2. Construing Terms 3. Identifying Implied Terms 4. Frustration 5. Performance and Breach 6. Affirmation, Termination, Restrictions on the right to terminate 7. Remedies for Breach (damages and limits on damages- causation, remoteness, mitigation, liquidated damages, equitable relief) 8. Vitiating Factors: i) Mistake ii) Common law misrepresentation iii) s 18 misleading and deceptive conduct iv) Duress v) Undue Influence vi) Unconscionable dealing vii) Statutory unconscionable conduct viii) Unjust contracts ix) Unfair terms 9. Rescission of contract


Semester 2, 2023

40 pages

15,527 words


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