These comprehensive notes cover all topics listed in the LAW1113 torts study guide. Week 1-12 of content. Dives into key elements, presents diagrams and gives examples to further engage with understanding of the content. I used these notes in my exam to achieve an HD of 86 as well as throughout the year to help with other assessments. Content will still be relevant for 2024. TOPICS COVERED: -trespass to the person: battery, assault and false imprisonment -trespass to the person: defences -trespass to land -private nuisance -negligence: duty of care -negligence: special duty relationships (pure economic loss and mental harm) -negligence: breach of duty -negligence: causation and remoteness -negligence: defences -damages, multiple tortfeasors, vicarious liability


Semester 2, 2023

42 pages

16,990 words


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