These are my personal comprehensive BIO2231 notes, which I took throughout the semester from week 1 to week 11 (19 lectures). They are summary notes accompanied by informative labelled diagrams covering the topics below. Each topic is compiled into a table under the subcategories body plan/form, movement, feeding, reproduction, cell types, and classes. These summary tables came in handy during my final exam studies. - Animal Diversity - Evolution and classification of animal phyla - Porifera - Sponges - Radial to bilateral body plans - Platyhelminthes - Molluscs - Annelids - Arthropoda (Chelicerates and Myriapods) - Crustacea - Hexapoda - Onychophora and Tardigrada - Nematoda and pseudocoelomates - Echinoderms & Hemichordates - Vertebrata (birds, mammals and fish) - Vertebrates 2 (Amphibians, non-avian reptiles)


Semester 1, 2021

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