📒HD LEGAL ETHICS EXAM NOTES 📒 * T3 2023* Includes a section outlining all the relevant provisions and legislation while linking to core legal principles and key cases associated with each. Giving you a comprehensive snapshot for quick recall and fuss free referencing during exams. Provides ~ clear explanations of complex legal principles, a full breakdown of landmark cases and detailed understanding and application of legislation ~ to help you ACE the exam with ease. Topics covered: 2. Admission to Practice 3. Duties Owed to Clients: Duty of Competence 4. Duties Owed to Clients: Conflict of Interest 5. Duties Owed to Clients: Confidentiality and Privilege 6. Trust Account & Costs 7. Duties to the Administration of Justice 8. Duties Owed to the Profession and Other Responsibilities 9. Complaints and Discipline Ethics study felt refreshingly straightforward, and having these notes on hand boosted my exam confidence. Hopefully they do the same for you! All the best for your studies!


Trimester 3, 2023

87 pages

33,037 words


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