Introduction: This study notes distil essential topics and case summaries crucial for a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter. Focused on Breach of Confidence, Estoppel, Equity Remedy, Trust (3 Certainties, Obligations and Rights), Fiduciary Obligation, Resulting Trust, Constructive Trust, and Tracing, they provide a succinct overview of core principles and case analyses, aiding efficient learning and review. Main Content Summary: 1. Breach of Confidence: Case facts and legal principles summarized. 2. Estoppel: Doctrine explained with key case summaries. 3. Equity Remedy: Overview of equitable remedies and relevant cases. 4. Trust (3 Certainties): Elements and case examples of trust creation. 5. Obligations and Rights of Trust: Summary of trust duties and rights. 6. Fiduciary Obligation: Duties outlined with relevant cases. 7. Resulting Trust: Understanding through case precedents. 8. Constructive Trust: Principles and case summaries. 9. Tracing: Explanation and significant case applications. These concise study notes provide a streamlined overview of core concepts and case law. They facilitate efficient study and comprehension, serving as an indispensable resource for students and practitioners


Semester 2, 2023

45 pages

64,949 words


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