The notes are structured so as to cover the content in the same order as discussed in class. It is comprehensive as it includes case summaries, teacher’s comments, and annotated statute. The notes helped me do well in both the mid-semester and the final exam and were extremely useful under time pressure. The notes can be used for both the problem questions and the essay questions in the Advanced Trusts course. The notes include the following topics: 1. Theoretical perspectives 2. Nature of trusts 3. Irreducible core of trusteeship 4. Information rights 5. Exculpatory clauses 6. Court supervision 7. Ousting court supervision 8. Trust contracts and asset partitioning 9. Controlling trustee powers 10. Trust accounts 11. Business trusts 12. Securitisations 13. Debentures 14. Unit trusts


Semester 1, 2023

185 pages

102,281 words



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