The notes are structured so as to cover the content as discussed in class. It is comprehensive as it includes case summaries, key insights on each topic and teacher’s comments about certain cases/principles. These notes helped me do really well in this course as they were extremely useful in the final exam (I opted for the 100% final exam and was not far off a high distinction). If opting to do the class presentation, I would recommend reviewing the notes before selecting the case. Rather the notes should be used to help you select which case would be ideal to present on. For answering a problem question, I have a separate set of notes specifically tailored to tackling a problem question – please see my scaffold notes titled ‘LAWS6889 DEATH LAW PROBLEM QUESTION SCAFFOLD’ The notes cover the following topics: 1. Nature of death in contemporary Australia 2. Legal definitions of life & death 3. Autonomy & refusal of treatment at the end of life (covering: Right to refuse medical treatment; Advanced Care Directives; Public interests and the right to refuse treatment) 4. Consciousness & terminating life sustaining measures 5. Disputes regarding the best interests of patients 6. Double effect and palliative sedation 7. Voluntary euthanasia & assisted suicide (includes detailed discussion of the legislation) 8. ‘Compassionate’ homicide – Active involuntary & non-voluntary euthanasia 9. The legal status of the corpse 10. Organ transplantation and the dead donor rule 11. Posthumous reproduction


Semester 1, 2023

82 pages

50,155 words



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