The notes are designed to help answer a Death Law problem question quickly. I made this while doing practice exams and used them in the final exam. It was incredibly useful and helped me scaffold my entire answer quite quickly. If looking for more detailed notes on this course, please see my 82-page notes titled ‘LAWS6889 DEATH LAW NOTES - Comprehensive detailed notes’ The notes cover: 1. The status of a foetus 2. Classifying ‘death’ 3. Right to refuse medical treatment 4. Terminating life sustaining measures 5. Palliative sedation 6. Voluntary assisted dying 7. Property rights of a corpse 8. Organ transplantation (living donation and dead donation) 9. Posthumous reproduction 10. Keeping a foetus alive in a dead person


Semester 1, 2023

9 pages

5,160 words



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