Very organised lecture notes covering Week 1 to Week 12 for Biostatistics and Epidemiology. These notes cover a wide range of topics and explain them in a very simple way so it is useful to understand complex topics. Topics covered include: - Week 1: Intro to Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Describe, Summarise & Display Data - Week 2: Research Process, Prevalence & Incidence, Probability & Non-Probability Samples, Measurement Errors - Week 3: Normal Distribution, Descriptive Study Designs - Week 4: Statistical Inference, NHST w/ Bivariate Correlation, Correlational/Ecological Studies - Week 5: Null Hypo Significance Testing, Cohort Studies - Week 7: NHST 1 Sample T-Test, Case Control Studies - Week 9: NHST with (2) Independent Samples T Test, Experimental & Quasi-Experimental Studies - Week 10: NHST with Paired (Dependent) Samples T Test, Experimental & Quasi-Experimental Studies - Week 11: NHST with One-Way ANOVA, Evaluation for Screening & Diagnostic Test - Week 12: NHST with Non-Parametric Test These notes are what I used to guide myself around the unit, they helped me to understand the topics when I had no background in maths or statistics. It has some tables made up from the examples given and formulas (better tool for visual learners) and step by step explanations on what to include in descriptions with guided examples.


Semester 2, 2023

61 pages

25,633 words



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