Comprehensive and easy to follow Equity & Trusts exam and class participation notes. Latest content, compiled from the textbook, classes and lectures. These notes are indexed and organised by topic, covering all topics, key cases and legislation. Achieved a High Distinction (86%) in Equity & Trusts using these notes in both the preliminary assessments and for the final exam. For a dense and difficult subject, these notes made the difference! All topics including: - History / nature of equity - Unconscionable Conduct - Undue Influence - Estoppel - Equitable estates and interests - Equitable Remedies - Equitable Assignment of Property - Fiduciary obligations - Accessorial liability - Liability under Barnes v Addy - Remedies - Tracing - Account of profits - Equitable compensation - Trusts - Constructive Trusts - Resulting Trusts - Express Trusts - Charitable Trusts - Duties, Powers, Liabilities and Rights of Trustees, Rights of Beneficiaries


Spring session, 2023

190 pages

57,341 words



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