Topics Covered: - Class 1A: Agreement: Offer - Class 1B: Agreement: Acceptance - Class 2A: Consideration P1 - Class 2B: Consideration P2 - Class 3A: Intention to Create Legal Relations - Class 3B: Certainty - Class 4A: Privity P1 - Class 4B: Contracts (Revision) - Class 5A: Licenses, third parties, numerus clausus - Class 5B: New property AND The extent of property rights / property rights and privacy - Class 7A: The doctrine of fixtures - Class 7B: Torts for the protection of goods (continued) - Class 8A: Possession of land and adverse possession - Class 8B: Formal requirements for the transfer of land (continued) & The interest of a purchaser under a binding sale agreement & Part Performance - Class 9A: Equitable estoppel: Part 1 - Class 9B: Equitable estoppel: Part 2 - Class 10A: Agency - Class 10B: Revision Includes: - All Online Modules summarised - All lesson notes summarised between 1-3 pages


Term 3, 2023

161 pages

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