This pdf has the metalanguage used in the 2023 English Language study design broken down into subsystem. It is a comprehensive list of every piece of metalanguage needed, including functions. This involves: Phonology Morphology Lexicology Syntax Discourse Semantics Political correctness Bureaucratese, legalese Coherence Cohesion Information flow Face needs With these notes I averaged 90 in unit 3 and 92 in unit 4. I received a 90% on the trial examiner that was marked externally by a VCE assessor, and the metalanguage in here was confirmed, and no metalanguage was marked incorrectly in both the analytical commentary and essay. These are a good foundation for the year, to begin understanding the concepts of english language, and being more prepared for the Sacs throughout the year. The faster you understand the metalanguage, and the better understanding, the bigger headstart you have in year 12. It is the base of everything in English language, and it helps to take the stress off of compiling your own metalanguage bank. There are extra concepts in here that are slightly outside of the study design, but are efficient in impressing the examiner, and the teachers, to give more depth to the discussions.


Semester 1, 2023

9 pages

3,000 words


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