These comprehensive Corporations Law notes (which are HD proven on assessments) cover all topics assessed in the mid-semester assessments (Online Quiz and Written Assignment) AND the exam. With just under 200 pages (197), they are meticulously detailed and have been curated by synthesizing a wide array of authoritative resources, including the course textbook, class PowerPoint presentations, LSS Sketch Notes, Seminar Slides, and most importantly the author's own personal notes from attending lectures and tutorials. BUYER BEWARE: It is a mistake to believe less detailed notes with less pages is sufficient for this unit. Corporations Law has an enormous amount of examinable content and requires detailed notes. I would not have devoted such extensive effort if a lesser approach had been sufficient. The notes not only cover all examinable content but also assist with the structure and answering of questions. They provide detailed steps for addressing different legal issues, along with checklists and pre-formulated case analogies for quick application in scenarios where exam facts correspond with case law. These notes are designed to be the ultimate one-stop resource for Corporations Law, a tool I deeply wished for during my own studies of this unit. Now, you have the opportunity to benefit from hundreds of hours of my meticulous work, all available for a small fee. Topics Included: Full Topic List: Topic 1 – Introduction to Corporations Law Topic 2 – Incorporation & its Effects Topic 3 – The Constitution and the Replaceable Rules Topic 4 – Corporate Contracting Topic 5 – Share (Equity), Capital, Debt Capital and Dividends Topic 6 – Directors, Members and Corporate Decision Making Topic 7 – Directors’ Duties Topic 8 – Consequences of Contravention and Relief from Liability Topic 9 – Members’ Remedies Topic 10 – Corporate Mortality


Semester 2, 2023

197 pages

64,094 words



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