Comprehensive exam-ready notes in step-by-step format covering all examinable topics: Applications + Conferral Affidavits Springing Orders Default Judgment Summary Judgment Inactive Case List Interlocutory Injunctions Freezing Orders Search Orders Quia Timet Orders Security For Costs Stay Of Proceedings Pending ADR Discovery + Inspection Objections to Inspection (Privileges) Notices To Admit Subpoenas Lay Evidence – witness statements, outlines, evidence in chief Expert Evidence Documentary Evidence & Objections Trial – mode, separating issues, preliminary issues Issues with the Judge / Judicial Officer Legal Representation ( + amicus curiae) Getting to trial – entry for trial, conduct of trial, stages Judgment Interest, Costs ( + assessing costs, special costs orders, uplifting the scale) Enforcement Orders Appeals


Semester 2, 2023

80 pages

26,793 words



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