Suitable for the final exam. Presents potential arguments for both sides. Checklist and template style notes handy for the exam. Got H1(80) in the final exam. Topics include: Negligence Duty: Reasonable foreseeability and General rule Scope of duty and Established category Breach explained Breach: Reasonable foreseeability and the not-insignificant test Breach: Calculus Breach: Reasonable person standard Causation: Factual causation Causation: Reasonable foreseeability and Remoteness Causation: Scope of liability - Novus actus Defence: Contributory Negligence Defence: Voluntary assumption of risk Vicarious Liability: Employment relationship Vicarious Liability Course of employment Nuisance Private nuisance-General and interest protected Who can sue in nuisance? with use and enjoyment of the land Liability for material physical damage Defences: statutory authorisation


Semester 1, 2023

41 pages

7,750 words


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