12 weeks of class notes. Topics covered: 1. Introduction to Administrative Law Scope of Judicial Review: What Decisions can be Reviewed Standing 3. Introducing the Grounds of Review including: - Delegated Legislation - Procedural Ultra Vires - Delegation - Jurisdictional Fact 4. Improper Exercise of Power 5. Failure to take into account relevant considerations and unreasonableness 6. Principle of Legality Decisions affecting fundamental rights and freedoms 7. Procedural Fairness Right to Fair Hearing 8. Procedural Fairness: Bias 9. Privative Clauses and Jurisdictional Error, Remedies 10. Merits Review: Two sample case studies in appeals work 11. Merits review: Two sample case studies in appeals work 12. Completion of previous week's topic / Subject Review.


Semester 2, 2023

208 pages

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