All modules - Everything you need for the exam! Week 1: Introduction, Guiding Principles, Case Management, and Overriding Purpose Week 2: Access to Justice, Open Justice, Client Care and Indigenous Civil Justice Week 3: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Jurisdiction, and Limitation Periods Week 4: Initiating Proceedings, Commencing Litigation, Joining Parties and Causes of Action, and Drafting Pleadings Week 5: Service; Negotiation; Approaches to Dispute Resolution; Joinder Week 6: Evidence in Proceedings; Discovery Week 7: Interlocutory Applications and Injunctions; Injunctions; Searching and Freezing Orders Week 8: Costs and Settlement Week 9: Strike-out, Summary Disposal; Self-represented Litigants and Vexatious Litigants Week 10: Enforcing Judgments Week 11: Appeals


Semester 1, 2023

38 pages

18,007 words



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