Comprehensive Admin Law notes including all readings, lecture materials and notes, covering all weeks (1-13). Topics include: Introduction: The Nature of Admin Law Non-Judicial Control Mechanisms, Historical Context and the ‘New’ Admin Law, Merits Review, and Statutory Bodies (AAT and SAT) Other Statutory bodies: Ombudsman and Parliamentary Commissioner Transparency- Reasons for Decision; Freedom of Information – FOI and OIAC Delegated Legislation/Statutory Interpretation Judicial Review – Overall Framework, Justiciability and Other Threshold Issues - Ouster Clauses Judicial Review –Standing as a Threshold Issue Judicial Review – ADJR and Common Law; Narrow Ultra Vires Judicial Review – Broad Ultra Vires and Procedural Fairness Judicial Review – Remedies


Semester 1, 2023

229 pages

88,149 words



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