Highly detailed and structured final exam notes containing all assessable topics, relevant case law and statute where applicable. Topic Included; Contract Formation ( certainty completeness and Illusory contracts, formalities) Parties (privity) Terms of the Contract (express terms, parol evidence rule, collateral contracts incorporation of terms by signature, notice, and course of dealings) Construing Terms (extrinsic evidence and the parol evidence rule, construction, exclusions clauses) Implied Terms (implied in fact and by custom) Discharge/Termination of a Contract (discharge by performance, frustration, termination by performance, agreement, breach, repudiation) Vitiating factors (Proper consent) (misrepresentation, ACL s18, mistake, duress, undue influence, unconscionable conduct, third party impropriety, illegality) Introduction to Remedies (rescission, election, actions for debt, damages)


Semester 2, 2023

36 pages

13,655 words



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