Criminal Law Notes that are insanely good for you to pass your exams, completed in semester 1 of 2023. These notes tell you how long imprisonment is, what sections to apply, the approach to applying the sections and cases that are relevant to the topic for you to apply. S11 Murder S13 Manslaughter S12A Constructive Murder S 23 – Cause Serious Harm DIV 7A S 24 - Cause Harm Alternative Verdict Offences Against the Person: Section 20 – Assault Indecent Assault – s 56 Unlawful Sexual Intercourse s 49 Indecent Filming & fraud s26D Sexual Offences: Section 48(1) – Rape Dishonesty Offences: Section 134(1) Dishonesty Offences: Section 137 – Robbery Attempts Defences: Self-Defence Excessive self defence - Partial Defence – 15A (2) Defence of property – Section 15A Duress – s 15D CLCA Sudden or extraordinary emergency – s 15E Mental Impairment – Section 269C


Semester 1, 2023

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