High Distinction exam notes 2022. Covers all topics and is in attack-plan form. Refer to sample page for topic break down. TORRENS SYSTEM - GENERAL: EXPRESS EXCEPTIONS TO INDEFEASIBILITY: NON-EXPRESS EXCEPTIONS TO INDEFEASIBILITY: EQUITABLE (UNREGISTERED) INTERESTS: • Caveats. EXTENT OF INDEFEASIBILITY: • Options to renew & purchase in leases. • Registration of void mortgages. • ‘All monies’ mortgages. STATE COMPENSATION: MORTGAGES: • Doctrine of tacking (further advances). EASEMENTS: • Essential characteristics of an easement. • Creation of an easement. LEASES: • Covenants implied against the landlord at common law. • Covenants implied against the tenant at common law. • General landlord powers • Covenants against assignment and sub-leases • Termination of leases


Semester 2, 2022

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