These private international law notes have been specifically designed for sitting an in-person exam with visual aids and pre-written first sentences to help start a response to a question. They helped me get distinctions in both the mid-semester and the final exam. The notes include step-by-step guides for answering a problem question and short one-sentence summaries of case facts. They cover the following topics: 1. Does the court have jurisdiction? (including interstate and NZ) 2. Will the court exercise its jurisdiction? 3. Anti-suit injunctions 4. Choice of law - methodology 5. Choice of law - contracts and equity 6. Choice of law - torts 7. Mandatory law 8. Substance vs. procedure 9. Pleading foreign law 10. Exclusionary doctrines 11. Recognition and enforcement of judgments


Semester 1, 2023

36 pages

25,558 words



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