This is an exam pack. These notes are to be used predominantly in the exam, and not so much for revision. They lack full content, but are rather a template or script for how questions should be answered - displaying decision trees for each topic that could be asked about in the exam. Topics 1-13 (all topics, including lectures and weeks 1-13) are covered in this script including relevant case authority for each principle. This pack is useful to have in the exam, and once the relevant topic has been identified, the decision tree in the notes is to be followed step by step to ensure all aspects are covered in the response. These notes and the steps set out are very detailed, but as aforementioned, these should not replace content notes, and in an exam situation these notes should be utilised, in conjunction with content notes, to best apply the relevant content.


Semester 1, 2023

31 pages

11,124 words



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