I made these notes to be **very** colour-coded and print-friendly for the final exam. It's the most effort I've ever put into my notes since it's the first time I had to do an in-person one at law school! They go through every topic in close detail while not being too weighed down by heavy text. I have put handy 'policy points' and 'hypo trigger' highlights throughout the document for exam usage. There is definitely enough here for both hypotheticals and essays. Take a look at the sample notes to see for yourself! **DISCLAIMER** that while there is text throughout the document (in a dark yellow) which are sample introductory statements of principle that were meant to be copied into the exam, you should not copy them word for word unless you want to visit the Academic Board lol :) Contains: 1. Overview 2. Compensatory damages for breach of contract 3. Compensatory damages in tort 4. Statutory damages under the ACL 5. Equitable compensation 6. Vindication/punishment 7. Specific performance 8. Permanent injunctions 9. Interlocutory injunctions 10. Lord Cairns' Act damages 11. Gain-based remedies 12. Restitution/unjust enrichment 13. Rescission Good luck with this subject! :)


Semester 1, 2023

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