Excellent Exam notes and summaries prepared by a DISTINCTION student - includes both Mid-semester AND Final exam materials!!! Perfect for in-person written exam!! (very easy to follow during exams, concise summaries and scaffolds are tailored for an in-person written law exam). Super useful in the exams!!! The only thing you need to bring into the exam! Topics 1) Introduction to Tax and the Australian Tax System 2) Concepts of Income 3) Income from Property and Capital Gains Tax 4) Income from Services and Fringe Benefits Tax 5) Business Income 6) Deductions – Relevance 7) Deductions – Trading Stock (business taxation) 8) Deductions – The capital/revenue distinction 9) Deductions – Depreciation (business taxation) 10) Entity Taxation: Partnerships, Trusts, and Companies (Imputation) 11) Goods and Services Tax 12) Tax Administration 13) Ethical conduct and rules to counter tax avoidance


Semester 1, 2023

66 pages

55,539 words



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