Highly comprehensive trusts notes . These notes include exam scripts for all topics and questions to prompt you to better draw on the facts given to you in your exam/assignment. The scripts are very detailed, especially when the topics are theory heavy ( Quistclose trusts, rights of beneficiaries to inspect documents). They are colour coded (green for scripts, purple for cases and pink for legislation). These notes enabled me to get a 95 in the unit. It includes case summaries which draw out the main principles and prompts for ways you can analogise or distinguish with cases. The topics include: - Creation of Trusts - Trust Structures - Statutory Writing Formalities - Constituting the Trust - Duties and Powers of Trustees - Defences and Limitations on Liability - Rights of Trustees - Rights of Beneficiaries - Variation of Beneficiaries' Rights - Remedies for Breach of Trust


Semester 2, 2021

64 pages

37,345 words



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