- HELPED ME SCORE AN UPPER DISTINCTION IN THE FINAL EXAM - concise final exam notes for Torts --> exam-oriented --> for problem Q: just address each step as outlined in the notes - detailed steps for problem question --> breach of duty --> causation --> defences (contributory negligence, voluntary assumption of risk, statutory defence) --> concurrent liability (vicarious liability, non-delegable duty) --> damages - important case briefs - comprehensive and highlighted notes for theoretical articles --> Jeremy Waldron – Moments of Carelessness and Massive Loss --> R L Abel – A Critique of Torts --> Reg Graycar – Damaging Stereotypes: the Return of ‘Hoovering as a Hobby’ --> Marie Bismark and Ron Paterson – No-Fault Compensation in New Zealand: Harmonizing Injury Compensation, Provider Accountability, And Patient Safety


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