These notes were used to HD (91) the LAW4170 Trusts unit. These are detailed and structured notes covering the entirety of the course material (including case summaries and clear step-by-step guides to answer problem or exam questions on each topic). The notes are colour coded throughout - important information in yellow, legislation in blue, cases in green/pink (depending on whether affirming or negating principles), and orange for links between topics. These features make the notes accessible and easy to use to produce HD-level responses in the assignment and exam. * Topic 2-3 - Creation of Trusts * Topic 4 - Formalities * Topic 5-8 - Duties of Trustees * Topic 9 - Defences and Limitations on Liability * Topic 10 - Trustee Rights / Beneficiaries Rights * Topic 11 - Remedies for Breach of Trust Please ensure you adapt these notes for any changes to the course for your semester. For best results, this should be used in conjunction with the corresponding exam script.


Semester 1, 2020

83 pages

35,609 words



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