These are comprehensive Contract B law notes which enabled me to get an 86 HD, most of which came from the exam itself. The notes provide a great explanation of each topic, along with relevant cases and a thorough base to help you ace the exam. Includes all examinable topics. Topics Termination Termination by agreement Termination for breach Termination for repudiation Termination for delay ICL: Termination and breach Consequences of affirmation or termination Restrictions on the right to terminate Remedies Damages Liquidated damages and penalties Specific performance and injunctions Actions for debt Restitution Frustration Recission CL Vitiating Factors Recission Non Contractual Claims Unconscionable conduct – statute Misleading or deceptive conduct – statute Remedies under statute


Semester 2, 2022

123 pages

35,802 words



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