Hello and congrats on making it into Psychology Honours! :) I received a mark of 78 for this subject and graduated as the 2022 valedictorian for achieving the highest grade overall in my Honours year. I found my notes extremely helpful for revising for finals and hope that you will too! These notes include full summaries of the lectures, paraphrased in my own words for ease of understanding. The content is well organised by heading and subheadings covering main topics. The following topics are covered: Week 1: Introduction Week 2: A General Introduction to Abuse and Neglect Week 3: Parenting Week 4: Parenting II Week 5: Effects and Transmission Week 6: Prevention and Intervention Week 8: Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Week 9: Child Witnesses of Interpersonal Violence Week 10: CSA Victims as Witnesses I Week 11: CSA Victims as Witnesses II Week 12: CSA Prevention and Intervention


Semester 2, 2022

53 pages

17,074 words



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