These are summarised notes of Modules 5 - 11. These notes were the only ones I used to help me get a 7 in the course. This is a total of 7 weeks of lecture content only to include what is most important. The document is organised into subsections to allow for easy use. The document includes the following topics: Module 5: Alpha vs Beta, Storage Carbohydrates, Information Storage, Fatty Acid Saturation, Biological Membranes, Lipid Rafts Module 6 & 7: Secondary Structure, Levinthal Paradox, Protein Sequence Alignment Module 8 - 11: Equilibrium and Gibbs Free Energy, Activation Energy, Enzymes, Cofactors, Buried Active Site, Proteins as Enzymes, Quantitative Analysis, Types of Catalysis, Enzyme Saturability, Inhibition


Semester 1, 2022

12 pages

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