Hi everyone! These are the scaffolds/notes I used in semester 2 2022 to achieve an 88 in Evidence, ranking 4th in the USYD cohort. I refer to them as scaffolds/notes as they are extremely comprehensive scaffolds, meaning they can serve the dual purpose of being referred to in an exam, or being used to learn the course content. What sets my notes apart is their emphasis on the facts of cases. This is to ensure you are able to distinguish them with PQ facts, enabling HD-level analysis. What are you getting? - Very comprehensive HD scaffolds resulting from distilling all relevant material from the lectures and readings - Cases/issues/provisions highlighted so notes are easily navigable in exam contexts - Any ambiguities in the law highlighted so they can be addressed in PQ's - Step-by-step mini summaries of how to approach problems All topics (apart from non-examinable topic 1 introductory content) are included in these notes: Topic 2: Relevance Topic 3: Proof Topics 4 & 5: Adversarial Trial & Adducing Evidence Topic 6: Credibility Topic 7: Hearsay Topic 8: Tendency & Coincidence Topic 9: Character Topic 10: Opinion Topic 11: Identification Topic 12: Discretions Topic 13: Admissions Topic 14: Privilege Against Self-incrimination Topic 15: Proof Part 2


Semester 2, 2022

78 pages

43,635 words



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