Comprehensive notes for the Trusts exam! Using these notes enabled me to achieve an 85 for the subject and 80+ on the exam. The notes cover all essential topics for the exam including: - Introduction and Classification of Trusts - Creation of Express Trusts - Trust Structures - Statutory Writing Formalities - Constituting the Trust - Duties and Powers of Trustees - Defences and Limitations on Liability - Rights of Trustees - Rights of Beneficiaries - Variation of Beneficiaries' Rights - Remedies for Breach of Trust The notes are organised in a coherent and logical manner with subheadings, bolding, colourful text and numbering. All relevant cases and legislation from reading guide are referenced (including those new for 2022 such as the Owies decision) with full case summaries and key principles/provisions outlined. Furthermore, the notes include detailed templates (including introduction and conclusion). These templates allow for the particular facts in the scenario to be slotted into the sentences ensuring that time can be effectively spent identifying materials facts and formulating cogent legal arguments


Semester 2, 2022

282 pages

100,905 words



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