Some concepts throughout the subject were difficult to grasp therefore I have concisely summarised ALL lecture content in a manner that is not only easy to understand but also easy to navigate (Control F friendly :) ). My notes include detailed but short dot points and sentences which will be helpful during exam revision. Furthermore, my notes consists of annotations, examples and COLOUR CODING which will simplify difficult concepts and aid memorisation. These notes helped me score a high H1 in the subject and I promise it will help you as well :)) Topic List - Week 2: Elements of image interpretation and electromagnetic radiation - Week 3: Human vision and principle of image formation - Week 4: An Overview of imaging sensors - Week 5: Radiometric image processing - Week 6: Information Extraction from Images: Band ratios and image segmentation - Week 7: Information extraction from images: image classification - Week 8: Image georeferencing and rectification - Week 9: orthorectification - Week 10: Measuring in images - Week 11: Measuring 3D in images - Introduction to photogrammetry (and LiDAR)


Semester 1, 2022

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