Why are these notes the BEST NOTES you will find on this site, or any others? 1. They aren't just pure 'notes'- they provide a high-level overview and specific process for students to follow through on Exam day - all of the sections have pre-written paragraphs that's you can simply plop into your exam book - this means less stress for you! They also include the cases and citations you need to cite and everything you will need to succeed at your exam! 2. I have made these notes as cheap as possible, at the lowest price point ($29). On Student VIP, that is the lowest you can possibly price a set of notes if it is 6 pages or more. 3. I have reviewed many other DRE notes available on this site and others, and I can assure you that for what you are paying, this is the best you can possibly get. The ones currently available are much older, and not updated to what is now taught. These notes are also far more comprehensive than the others on this site 4. Regardless of whether you are a C or HD student, these notes can support you to pass, succeed or exceed on the exam. I know, for a fact, that some students have purchased these notes just a couple of days out from the Sem 2 2022 exam, and ended up with Distinctions. This was back when I provided these notes for free. 5. With this particular copy of notes, I have made a separate 'High-level' overview at the start - just to help you digest the topics, as DRE has A LOT of content. This is available as a preview As a thank you for simply considering to download these notes, I have made the first 15 pages available for free (see Preview download) to give students a taste of the full product. WHAT DO THESE NOTES INCLUDE? LOOK AT THE PREVIEW AND INDEX PAGE!!!


Semester 2, 2022

43 pages

17,200 words



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