These notes begin with concise structures for each topic (eg. step-by-step process of answering the relevant questions) then also provide detailed overviews of the topic and case summaries. Topics covered are: - External Affairs Power; - Freedom of Political Communication; - Religious Freedom; - State Trade or Commerce; - Federal Executive Power and Spending; - Separation of Federal Judicial Power and Limits; - Federalism and the States: s 109 Inconsistency; and - Intergovernmental Immunities. While these notes are in-depth, they are completely colour-coded and organised, with all cases and legislation highlighted for clarity. The case summaries provide the facts, findings, and legal rules in a table. I used the structures at the beginning of the notes for my exam and made reference to the more detailed notes/case summaries where I needed clarification or context.


Semester 2, 2021

42 pages

11,880 words



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