Inspired by the Cornell Note Taking System, fully tabulated summary notes with information categorised accordingly in an organised manner. Lecture content and concepts made easy to understand with dot points and short sentences for a quick review before exams. Diagrams included to help with understanding content. Perfect for active recall - main ideas on the left column and details on the right column so feel free to cover either column to test your knowledge of concepts. Content included - Overview of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) - molecular basis, types of CF, tests for diagnosis, CFTR dysfunction effects in lungs, GIT, liver - Summarised FAQs for more detailed explanation of terms, concepts (Class specific mutations, CF genome sequencing, R117H mutation types, Na+ & water movement in sweat gland, Pseudo Barter Syndrome, CF related diabetes mellitus CFDRM, Pulmozyme mechanism, etc.)


Semester 1, 2022

8 pages

2,875 words


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