Hello! Thanks for checking out my notes. I received a mark of 83 for this subject. My grades across all subjects average within the top 1% of my cohort and my WAM is 90. I created this overview so that you can revise the core content and test yourself by covering the answers as you read through the worksheet. Note that anything in *red font* is very important to remember for the final exam! This overview of the unit covers: Week 2 & PACE Modules Week 3 & 4: Human Aggression & Media Violence Week 5: Internet Pornography Week 6: Psychology Career Pathways Week 7: Driving Week 8 & 9: Psychological Literacy, the APS, and Self-Care Week 10: National Practice Standards & Professional Behaviour in Psychology Week 11: Legislation Week 12: Professional Development


Semester 1, 2021

12 pages

3,071 words


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