I used these notes in the final exam for LAW2ECP (now LAW2ECP) in Semester 1 2022. It only covers the evidence topics for the exam and not the criminal procedure topics. I was able to get 90/100 on the exam only using these notes (overall mark of 89). Have a look at the included sample notes covering hearsay evidence to get an idea of what these notes look like. They are fairly information dense, which obviosuly worked for me in the exam as I was farmilar with them and was able to navigate them efficently. Topics Covered: • Relevance • General Discretions to Exclude • Competence and Compellability • Examination of Witnesses • Client Legal Privilege • Other Privileges • The Right to Silence • Illegally or Improperly Obtained Evidence • Credibility and Character Evidence • Tendency and Coincidence • Hearsay Evidence • Opinion Evidence • Identification Evidence


Semester 1, 2022

132 pages

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