-These notes are easy to follow, and cover the entire unit in comprehensive detail. -They are colour-coded, and include several diagrams to enhance understanding. -These notes will ensure you receive full marks on your mid-semester quiz and end of semester exam. I followed them to get a 95% exam result on mine. Topics covered: Week 1a – Intro to Neuroscience & Neuropharmacology Week 1b – Stress & the Brain Week 2a – Fear Conditioning & Extinction Week 2b – Sex Hormones & The Brain Week 3a – Motor Control Week 3b – Control of Movement Week 4a – When Brain-Body Interactions Fail Week 4b – Using Knowledge of Brain-Body Interactions Week 5a – Introduction to Sleep Week 5b – Homeostatic and circadian regulation of sleep Week 6a – Sleep Neurobiology Week 6b – Disorders of the sleep control system Week 7a – The Function of Sleep Week 7b – The Function of Sleep Week 8a & 8b – Sleep & Mental Health Week 9a – Acute Pain Week 9b – Chronic Pain Week 10a – Respiratory control & panic disorder Week 10b – Sleep Apnea Week 11a – Grand Theories of Consciousness Week 11b – Levels & Dimensions of Consciousness Week 12a – Altered states of Consciousness Week 12b – Ethics & Enhancement


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