Hello and congrats on making it into Psychology Honours! :) I received a mark of 92 for this subject and graduated as the 2022 valedictorian for achieving the highest grade overall in my Honours year. These are the notes that I took throughout the semester and cover all content from the unit in detail. I only used these notes to revise for the final exam and ended up getting a great mark with them. I tend to re-write complex content in my own words so that it is easier to understand. Hopefully if you come across a complex concept or example in the lecture, reading my interpretation of the content may help you wrap your head around it. These notes cover the following unit content: Week 1: Intro, Data Manipulation, and Ethics Week 2: Sample Size and Statistical Power Week 3: Interactions in Regression Week 4: Advanced Logistic Regression I Week 5: Advanced Logistic Regression II Week 6: MANOVA Week 7: Multi-Level Modelling Week 8: Path Analysis I Week 9: Path Analysis in Stem Week 10: Factor Analysis I Week 11: Factor Analysis II Week 12: Confirmatory Factor Analysis


Semester 1, 2022

107 pages

26,476 words



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